Have I lost anything?

Everything. With just a few words
you blew my world apart
and sent me from your side into that void.

        Nothing. I still know how to walk.
        I can eat, I can read;
        with a little work, I can sleep.
        I’ve lived this way before
        and tomorrow will still arrive.

Everything. The skies have never looked so gray
my hand has never felt so cold
and the sound of snow on snow
is only the silence of you.

        Nothing. All I’ve lost is time.
        It was sweetly spent time—
        enough for a gorgeous garden to bloom—
        but it was just time nonetheless
        and I have plenty more of that.

Everything. What good is time to me now?
Two minutes’ walk from me to you
and hours to spend a world apart.

        Nothing. Our interaction was beautiful,
        ephemeral, like the sunset through the budding trees.

        But the sun’s descent cannot be stopped

        because tomorrow the sun will rise.