Arcs 2.0, or God in 200 Words

A girl looks out over the night sea, imagining the man of her dreams. Seven thousand miles away, the man of her dreams is taking his dog for a morning walk. Five hundred strangers are hurtling through the air ten miles above him. One of them expects to make the biggest business deal of his career; another is heading to pay one final visit to her family before she succumbs to leukemia. Back on the ground, her son is waiting in the interstate’s morning traffic, isolated by a hunk of glass and metal from the hundreds of other people around him. A mover’s truck on his right casts a long shadow as it carries a family and the salvagable parts of their life to a new home. Fifty miles away, a storm cloud passes over what used to be their back yard, and the children’s abandoned swingset rusts a little. Excitement explodes from the house next door as a mayorial election is decided in its owner’s favor. Outside, a deep red maple leaf falls into a pile of its comrades on the ground. Five thousand miles south, a boy walks past a budding tree and smiles. Imperceptibly, the seconds hand of his watch ticks once.